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Who we are

We are a new ticketing platform and experience provider dedicated to creating deeper, more meaningful connections between artists and fans. And we care a lot about that first sentence. Like A LOT. Because we’re just fans—like you. And we wanted to create a place where people didn’t just feel like another sale when buying their tickets. So we created Granted.At Granted, you can purchase VIP packages curated by your favorite artists, bid on unforgettable auctions that benefit important causes, and get tickets to awesome live events. Look, we know we aren’t the first, and we know the purchase to delivery process can have it's ‘WTF’ moments. But here, we will always have your back to ensure you have the best experience when going with Granted. Our Fan Promise guarentees your tickets, and our customer support team will actually get back to you (unlike some of the other guys). So what are you waiting for? Let’s get your access, Granted.

Meet The team

Granted is a small but mighty team of individuals who would rather miss a family’s birthday than their favorite concert, can rattle off sports statistics like their life depends on it, and knows the hottest celebrity tea before it hits the press. We are fans, just like you, and are honored to be trusted as your new ticketing provider!
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We love the sun and the ocean.
Located in Los Angeles, CA
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